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Advanced Inspection Service’s professional Dallas home inspectors can identify defects and potential problems in a house you are planning to buy or sell. For a home buyer, this can help you avoid purchasing a problem dwelling, and save you thousands of dollars in repairs. For the seller, our comprehensive Dallas home inspections can detect issues before you list your house – enabling you to eliminate these problems and maximize the market value of your real estate.

AIS home inspectors have examined hundreds of residential properties in North Dallas and the neighboring suburbs of Allen, Garland, McKinney, Richardson and Plano, TX. This local knowledge and experience is important because the climate, building codes and construction practices in these communities vary widely. Homes we inspect in the Dallas area vary in age from historic mansions built back in the 1850s to brand new construction.

If you are buying or selling a house in the DFW area, call AIS today to talk with one of our certified Dallas home inspectors. (972) 342-9183

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Dallas Home Roof Inspection — Hail Damage

Dallas Home Inspector Services

All AIS real estate inspections in the Dallas area include evaluations of the following systems and structures:

Roof inspection: In addition to examining the covering materials (asphalt shingles, tile, slate or metal), our home inspectors look for wind or hail damage – fairly common in the Dallas area. We also inspect the roof flashing and all roof penetrations (skylights, chimneys and vents) to look for evidence of poor sealing or leaks. Roofing defects or damage can allow water into your house and create a variety of expensive problems. So we are very careful to inspect the roof completely to detect current and prospective problems.

Inspecting Attics: Most homes in Dallas have small, uninhabited attics – typically used for storage and to house HVAC systems and ducting. We look at the structure of the trusses or rafters supporting the roof, as well as the underside of the roof decking, where visible. Here we’re looking for any water damage or evidence of birds or rodents (mice, squirrels or raccoons) inside the home. We also examine the chimney (if present) and evaluate the attic insulation, vapor barrier and ventilation.

Electrical system inspection: Beginning with the service line and meter box, our home inspector will check to see of these are properly connected and functioning. Next we will examine the electrical panels to assess the breakers and fuses, and grounding and bonding of the panels. Since 1987 the National Electrical Code (NEC) requires all electrical outlets in kitchens, bathrooms, garages and outdoors to have Ground Fault Interrupts (GFCIs) to prevent electrical shocks. Since 1999 the NEC also requires Arc Fault Circuit Interrupt (AFCI) circuit breakers in electrical panels for circuits in sleeping areas, to detect arcing and prevent fires. Although these enhancements are only required for new construction and electrical system modifications, our Dallas home inspectors will report on whether GFCIs and AFCIS are present or absent in all homes we inspect.

Plumbing Inspections: We will locate and test the main water shutoff valve, and look for signs of leaks in the water supply system, where visible. We also check for lead or galvanized pipes, and document these in the Inspection Report, if present. AIS Dallas home inspectors also look for signs of damp or warped flooring near dishwashers, clothes washer, sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets. We inspect kitchen and bathroom faucets for leaks and clear water, and operate the toilets to ensure they flush properly. We also check the outdoor hose bibs for leaks.

Inspecting HVAC Systems: Our Dallas home inspector will operate the heating and cooling systems via thermostat in both winter and summer modes. Next we will inspect the filters and visible ductwork in basement/crawlspace/attic. Grills and registers will be examined for proper operation and absence of obstructions. We will also observe the color of the furnace flame (blue is good; yellow or orange indicate combustion problems). Moving outside the house, we examine the HVAC compressors and condensers for damage, dirt or debris that could affect the performance of the system.


Foundation Inspection for a Dallas Home

Foundation inspections: Small shrinkage cracks are not necessarily a problem. But if the home’s walls are bowed or bulging more than 1.5”, this could be the sign of serious foundation cracking or shifting. Similarly, walls that are leaning or shifted more than ¼” or cracks wider than 3/8” warrant further investigation. Occasionally our Dallas home inspectors find foundations or slabs with dislocated wiring and plumbing, or broken structural connections (e.g., sill bolts); and these are a clear indication of severe foundation shifting – an expensive problem to repair.

Professional Dallas Home and Condo Inspectors

All Dallas home inspectors are certified by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC); but AIS inspectors also meet the more rigorous standards of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). Our superior training and experience examining Texas properties enables us to do a more thorough job and identify potential problems that are common in Dallas-area homes.

We also understand how important it is for our Dallas home inspectors to schedule and complete their work promptly to give buyers the information they need during the option period. In the current Dallas housing market, sellers are expecting multiple offers on their houses; and a buyer who can make an offer with a short option period and closing date will have a competitive advantage. All AIS real estate inspectors work diligently to quickly deliver an inspection report that will identify potential issues – or affirm the soundness and value of your new home.

Call AIS today to talk with one of our Dallas home inspectors (972) 342-9183

Updated: September 21, 2017 — 4:27 pm

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Mike Martin, Dallas home inspector

ASHI Certified Real Estate Inspector, focused on home inspections in the North Dallas communities of McKinney, Plano, Park Cities and Frisco TX. Mike earned his license as a TREC-certified Professional Real Estate Inspector — the highest designation available right out of training. He joined Advanced Inspection Service in October 2013. Mike is also a Certified Swimming Pool Inspector and Certified Termite Inspector - See more at: http://www.realestateinspector.com/about-mike-martin
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