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Typical Dallas-area Home on Slab Foundation

In Dallas a foundation inspection is often the most important component of the overall home inspection. The moisture content of our North Texas soils is highly variable. Years of cycling between the monsoon season and summer droughts can cause settling, cracking and even shifting of concrete or block foundations. This damage can be repaired; but it is an expensive and disruptive process. And these problems can be avoided — if the structure is properly designed, built and maintained.

 If you’re buying a house – even a new home – in the DFW area, you should have it inspected by a certified professional. Advanced Inspection Services (AIS) has conducted hundreds of foundation inspections in Dallas — encompassing a wide range of slab-on-grade, block and poured concrete wall systems. We also have experience inspecting foundations in Allen, Richardson and Plano — areas known for large variations in soil moisture.

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Inspecting Dallas Foundations and Slabs


Foundation Inspection — Cracked Slab

Advanced Inspection Service (AIS) conducts home inspections – including foundation inspections – throughout the Dallas Metro area. Our inspections are performed and reported in accordance with the Texas Standards of Practice for residential real estate inspection. Key aspects of our examination include:

  • Inspection of the foundation, related structural components and slab surfaces
  • Inspecting the crawl space (if present) to determine the general condition of foundation components
  • Observe any indications of foundation movement – such as sheetrock cracks, brick or stucco cracks, out-of-square door frames or floor slopes
  • Check for post tensioned cable ends that are not protected
  • Check crawl space for adequate ventilation
  • Identify any conditions present that would adversely affect foundation performance — such as dry soil, erosion or water ponding

Small cracks in walls, floors or slabs are signs of normal settling. Many of our home foundation inspections in Dallas find these minor cracks; and usually they are not serious issues. They may be noted in the Inspection Report, but not designated as deficiencies. Here is an example of minor foundation issues from one of our recent Richardson home inspection reports. But larger cracks, shifting of the slab or building walls, or displacement of electrical and/or plumbing components indicate severe problems.

Professional Foundation Inspection – Dallas TX Addison, Richardson, Plano


Severe Foundation Crack

Due to the history of slab cracking and other foundation inspection issues in Dallas (also the case in Austin and throughout Texas), we recommend special attention be given to slabs when inspecting homes, condos and commercial structures in the Metro area. The wide variation in building codes and construction practices in the Dallas suburbs makes it prudent to have foundations inspected carefully to avoid potential problems. This also applies to new construction – just because a foundation is new doesn’t mean it is well designed and constructed.

It’s a little more expensive to design and build a strong foundation that will last for decades. Home building and commercial construction in Dallas are highly competitive industries. There are powerful incentives to save time, reduce costs and cut corners. And, unfortunately, an unsound foundation may be hidden by the building’s structure; flaws and their consequences may not appear for years. Repairing or replacing a slab can be a very expensive undertaking; so a thorough foundation inspection is a great investment.

If you’re buying or selling a commercial building or house in the Dallas area, a foundation inspection can save you thousands of dollars. Sellers should have inspections performed before listing the property. Buyers should engage a professional Dallas foundation inspector when making an offer, to avoid buying a house with significant structural issues. And even if your home is not on the market, it’s a good idea to have it inspected every three years.

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