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Home Inspection in Austin near Lake Travis

Advanced Inspection Service (AIS) is a leading Austin home inspection company. We focus on residential real estate and commercial buildings in Central Texas. Founded in 1983, AIS has more than 30 years of experience in evaluating homes and their major structures and systems.

Our trained and certified professionals conduct inspections on single-family houses, duplexes, apartment buildings, condos and commercial structures. As our business has grown, we have extended our range of home inspection to the Austin suburbs of Cedar Park, Lakeway, Round Rock and neighboring communities.

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Key Austin Home Inspection Elements

In inspecting your current or future home, we evaluate the soundness and function of your home’s structure and systems. Our typical home inspection in Austin is done in conjunction with the resale of the property. However, increasingly we are inspecting new homes, condos and commercial buildings. In general, we recommend that property owners have their homes inspected every three years — to discover any problems that may arise due to damage, malfunctions, weather or normal wear and tear.

During our inspections, we strive to identify any deficiencies or potential problems that could affect the safety or livability of the dwelling. Beginning with the exterior of the house, we examine the grading and drainage, and look for any water damage to the foundation, sheathing or other parts of the structure. AIS home inspections in Austin include garages and carports and their attachment to the house. Our inspectors also examine driveways and outdoor walkways, primarily to assess their condition from a safety standpoint.

Moving to the interior, we inspect the foundation and slab or crawlspace to check for cracking or shifting, as well as the state of the home’s framing and finishing – walls, ceilings and floors. The inspector also checks the fit and operation of window and doors, and the safety of stairs and handrails. The interior inspection also includes tests of sinks and shower water flow, temperature and drainage.

Texas Home Inspector Qualifications

If you need a home inspection in Austin, TX, there are several factors to consider:

  • Experience of the home inspector with Austin building codes and local construction practices
  • Ability to schedule, conduct and discuss property inspections promptly to enable you to make or evaluate offers, secure financing, and meet short closing dates
  • Training and certification by International, U.S. and Texas home inspection organizations:
    TREC – Texas Real Estate Commission
    TAREI – Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors
    ASHI – American Society of Home Inspectors
    InterNACHI – International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

All home inspectors in Texas are licensed by TREC. The better inspectors are active members of TAREI to maintain currency with evolving building codes, materials, home systems and construction practices. Very few Austin home inspection professionals have achieved the ASHI Certified Home Inspector rating of our Lead Inspector, Ed Martin.

Professional Home Inspection – Austin, Cedar Park and Round Rock, TX

Major home systems evaluated by our inspections include the electrical system, plumbing, septic system, fireplace, heating and cooling systems, smoke and CO2 detectors. These elements are critical to your comfort and safety. Repairing defects in electrical, plumbing, septic or HVAC systems (or bringing an old system up to current Texas building code) can be very expensive; so we are careful to document any existing or potential problems in the Inspection Reports.

Very few of the homes inspected in Austin have habitable attics or basements. Typically these contain heating and air conditioning equipment and ducting; and we inspect the attic while checking out the HVAC systems. It’s important that attics, basements and/or crawl spaces have effective vapor barriers and insulation levels. These are key factors in the comfort of your home – as well as the cost of heating and cooling the house. Our Inspection Report will document any deficiencies or issues in the attic, basement, crawlspace or HVAC system that could affect the comfort, safety or value of the home.

Although not included in our standard Austin home inspections, AIS offers special tests of swimming pools and spas, sprinkler systems, pier-and-beam foundations and/or termite inspections for an additional fee. Repairs to these systems can be elaborate and expensive, and affect other parts of the home. If you are buying (or selling) a home in Central Texas with a pool, spa or pier in beam foundation, these special examinations can reduce risk and increase your peace of mind. All things considered, the cost of a home inspection in Austin is very modest – and one of the best investments you can make to protect the value of your real estate investment.

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The Author

Mike Martin, Dallas home inspector

ASHI Certified Real Estate Inspector, focused on home inspections in the North Dallas communities of McKinney, Plano, Park Cities and Frisco TX. Mike earned his license as a TREC-certified Professional Real Estate Inspector — the highest designation available right out of training. He joined Advanced Inspection Service in October 2013. Mike is also a Certified Swimming Pool Inspector and Certified Termite Inspector - See more at: http://www.realestateinspector.com/about-mike-martin
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