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Advanced Inspection Services (AIS) conducts prompt and thorough Plano home inspections, providing cost-effective evaluations of residential and commercial real estate. Our ability to schedule and complete an inspection in a short amount of time — and get a detailed report to the homebuyer within 48 hours. This gives buyers a distinct advantage in the highly competitive Plano real estate market. The house and condo inspection services we perform for sellers and realtors allow them to identify issues to be addressed prior to listing a property. This can prevent losing a sale in situation where the buyer’s home inspector finds something wrong that the seller did not know about. Don’t let an undetected problem jeopardize the sale of your house. Book one of our Plano home inspectors today.

Recently we have been doing quite a few new home inspections in the Plano and Frisco TX areas. Having the home inspected is probably not something most prospective new homeowners would think to do with a brand new house. But even the best builders (and their subcontractors) make mistakes or take shortcuts. A pre-acceptance new inspection costs very little compared to the value of your new home; and it is a wise investment.

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AIS conducts professional home inspections in Plano, McKinney, Frisco and throughout the Northeast Dallas area. We inspect a wide variety of homes, condos, townhouses and apartment buildings. Our TREC-certified inspectors are highly familiar with the local developers, building codes and construction practices. We understand the kinds of issues Plano homes and condos have experienced over time. In older homes, the most common problems we find are foundation problems and outdated systems – plumbing, wiring and mechanical. Most of the foundation issues we run across during Plano home inspections are due to poor design, varying moisture in the soil, and drainage issues. The terrain in the Dallas area is pretty flat, so we don’t get a lot of help from Mother Nature.

Newer homes tend to have better engineered foundations and more modern electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. But we’ve seen quite a few issues with substandard roofing and improper flashing applications while conducting home inspections in Plano. It’s very important for the builder to grade the lot away from the house and install proper drainage systems (gutters, downspouts, swales and French drains) to keep water away from the buildings.We also occasionally discover holes cut in weight-bearing structures (post, beam or rafter) to allow piping or electrical wire to pass through. And some of these problems were in new homes!

All of our Plano home inspections are performed by professionals certified by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). We plan and perform each inspection in accordance with the TREC Standards of Practice for Home Inspection. Our inspectors’ decades of experience, high-tech equipment and proven methodology give our clients the confidence to make informed decisions and negotiate good real estate deals.

In the fast-paced Plano TX housing and real estate markets, home inspections frequently need to be scheduled in just a few days. This enables the buyer to make an attractive offer in an environment in which the seller may be receiving multiple offers. A prompt home inspection (along with pre-approved financing or a cash offer) can give our client an advantage over competing homebuyers.

Our rigorous training and use of automation enable us to thoroughly evaluate a house’s structure and systems in just a few hours. We understand the key factors and typical issues in North Texas residential construction, and are glad to discuss the results and prospective remedies with our clients. If you’re planning to buy or sell a house in Plano, McKinney or Frisco TX — call us today to discuss your situation and schedule a home inspection.

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The cost of our Plano-area home inspections depends mostly on the size of the house – see our inspection cost schedule. If your home has a sprinkler system, swimming pool and/or spa, we recommend a special inspection for those systems. As with the home’s foundation, our Plano soil conditions, weather and changing moisture levels can cause shifting and structural damage.

And for all of our Texas clients, we recommend a special inspection for termites or other wood destroying insects (WDI). Termite damage is very common in Texas homes, and can be difficult to detect for someone who is not a qualified home inspector. Having a termite inspection in conjunction with your overall house inspection can save you a lot of money.

Frisco and Plano Home Inspection Services

We have conducted numerous home inspections in Plano and the nearby suburbs of Allen, Frisco, Richardson and McKinney. Although most of our work is on single-family housing, AIS also inspects apartment buildings, duplexes and commercial buildings throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth region. With the rapid development going on in North Texas, a lot of our home inspections these days are for new houses or condos – or older ones being remodeled. An increasing number of homebuyers are using our inspectors’ reports to help estimate the costs of remodeling to create a more modern look and bring the structures and systems up to code.

If you are planning a real estate purchase or sale in Plano, McKinney or Frisco TX, call AIS today to talk with one of our Plano home inspectors. (972) 342-9183

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